About us


We Are

The Edge Bilingual Nursery and Primary School
and we are an outstanding school that enjoys a rich variety of backgrounds. The bilingual nature of the school provides children

with a unique opportunity to interact with other children and staff from their local community from Douala. This produces a high standard of respect from learning amoung our kids.

We produce results

2019-2020. It was a great year

Common Entrance 2019-2020: 100%
FSLC 2019-2020: 100%

Our parents congratulate us. We congratulate our teachers.


Create opportunities for competence-based academic, technical and life-long learning in an inclusive culture dedicated to inquiry, innovation and excellence.


To become a premier learning environment that nutures intellectual and social growth, and inspires our children to academic excellence.


Our teachers develop children's skills.

Sport lessons

Drawing lessons

Music lessons

History lessons

Nature lessons

Math lessons

Your child comes out ready for and viewing life in the bigger picture.


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